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Weekend Reflections for 1/18/19

The Marriage Feast at Cana

Why was Jesus with his disciples at the wedding at Cana.  Based on what we have in the Scripture selection, I do not believe Jesus’ intention in coming was to do something miraculous like changing water into wine. 

The obvious reason is that Jesus and his family had been invited. Many people were likely aware that Jesus had recently undertaken a new career as a "religious teacher, " and like John the Baptist he had a special group of disciples accompanying him. 

So attending the wedding feast and taking part in the festivities gave Jesus the opportunity to be with his family and his mother. It also provided the opportunity to introduce his close circle of followers to other members of his family and friends as well as others attending from Nazareth and the nearby towns and villages.

Being at the wedding served another purpose for Jesus.  It provided his disciples the opportunity of getting to know Jesus in a much broader context. They saw him interacting with family and friends. They notice how he would respectfully introduce them to these people. They saw him taking part in the festivities and fully enjoying them. More and more he was revealing himself as a human being very much like themselves; although at the same time they also knew that he was very different.

Then, after the unusual conversation with his mother about the wine running out, you can only imagine how much they were taken aback and changed in their assessment and appreciation of him when they witnessed the miracle of the water being changed into very good wine. Scripture simply describes their change by stating: Jesus did this as the beginning of his signs at Cana in Galilee . . . and his disciples began to believe in him."

You may wish to consider how the Lord has brought you to belief in him and how he can help you too to grow ever deeper in your belief and appreciation.


Jim Blumeyer, S.J.