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Weekend Reflections for 7/20/18

“Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.”

These words of Jesus in the Gospel this Sunday could be a good motto for White House Retreat. We do need to get away and be by ourselves with Jesus every so often. In this particular case, the disciples are excitedly sharing with Jesus stories of their deliverance and healing experiences, which we reflected on last week. 

Indeed, it is good to go away and be with our Lord on occasion, just to share the many joys of our lives: being alive, seeing fruit grow in our loved ones, allowing ourselves to be a vehicle of grace for others, allowing others to be a vehicle of grace for us. There is much to share and celebrate. Jesus loves it when we do so! 

He invites us to get away occasionally and to savor those beautiful realities and share how grateful we are with him, and also with fellow disciples along the way. This can be not only an annual occurrence, as during our annual retreat, but a daily one, taking time out to praise the Lord. Let's find some time to do that today.

-Fr. Anthony Wieck, SJ