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Weekend Reflections for 6/1/18

Reconciling with Creation

Ecology and White House’s Jesuit Mission

As Jesuits continue our ongoing mission planning, in the last 25 years three Jesuit General Congregations (34, 35 & 36) have stressed heightened concern about environmental issues and our mission. Citing Pope Francis, the most recent of these general congregations (GC36) calls us to integrate a mission of “reconciliation with creation” as “Companions in a Mission of Reconciliation and Justice” especially as ecological concerns impact the poor.

In this final reflection for May, we gather together here some Jesuit resources for moving along our reflection and integration of reconciliation with creation into our White House ministry of the Spiritual Exercises.

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si follows Catholic Social Thought’s basic pattern of “See, Judge and Act” in treating environmental issues with a foundation in St. Francis of Assisi’s creation-centered spirituality.


The International Jesuit Ecology Project provides an innovative online textbook Healing Earth with chapters on Biodiversity, Natural Resources, Energy, Water, Food, and Global Climate Change by over 30 international scholars .

Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability sponsors annual conferences whose papers and presentations are available on their website.

Georgetown University’s Climate Center seeks to advance effective climate and energy policies in the United States and serves as a resource to state and local communities that are working to cut carbon pollution and prepare for climate change. Their website provides a State Energy Analysis Tool : and an Adaptation Clearing House to help communities adapt to climate change. Their Environmental Law Policy Program provides expertise in fields of environmental, natural resources, land use, energy, and food law.

Saint Louis University’s 2018 Climate Summit gathers together expert presentations on climate change by experts in climate science, ecology, sustainable development, and related disciplines.

The Ignatian Solidarity Network provides multiple resources for prayer, analysis and action in response to Laudato Si .

As you know from your White House experiences, St. Ignatius concludes his Spiritual Exercises with a creation-centered contemplation on the love of God [230-237] providing a contemplative resource to help us grow in our “Reconciliation with Creation” and grow in the grace of finding God in all things.