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Weekend Reflections for 3/24/17

“I once was blind but now I see”

Edward B. “Ted” Arroyo, S.J.

Laetare Sunday

“I once was blind but now I see” might have been the exclamation of the blind beggar in Sunday’s gospel, John 9:1-41.

Laetare Sunday is celebrated 21 days before Easter. Laetare means “Rejoice!” As we move along through the Lenten season the Sunday readings are specially chosen as part of the initiation of new Christians who will be baptized at Easter.

Part of this initiation involves “scrutinies,” ancient rites which may, at first, seem strange to us.  But they are profoundly rooted in our human experience. Especially in Lent, we all need to examine (scrutinize) how we are, the areas of our lives where we are tempted, or seriously sin - in what we do and what we fail to do.  And we can also scrutinize how God’s amazing grace is working in and through us. We all really need the healing and the strength that can come from the support of our sisters and brothers in our Christian community. And we can rejoice in even this “scrutinizing” self-examination.


After praying over today’s gospel where Jesus heals the man born blind, we might ask ourselves:

1.      What are my lights, darknesses and blind spots I can name and deal with this Lent in preparation for Easter?

2.      Is there any of the Pharisees’ blindness, judgmental hypocrisy in me, blinding me to Jesus?

3.      How can I invite Jesus to heal me, to help me see?

4.      How can I let the works of God be seen and felt by others through me?


We can all grow through Lent along with those preparing for initiation at Easter, and joyfully sing of God’s Amazing Grace.