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Weekend Reflections for 6/10/16

So I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven
because she has shown great love. (Luke 7, 47)

On a number of occasions in the Gospels we hear Jesus telling persons that their sins are forgiven or that they are to avoid sinning in the future. Jesus does not seem to be interested in hearing from them how they have sinned. Rather he focuses on what is in their heart, the nature of their faith and their love for Him.

The scene in this Sunday’ gospel of the woman washing Jesus' hair at the abode of Simon the Pharisee is a good example of this. The woman reveals to Jesus how contrite she is for the manner in which she has lived her life by her unusual but loving gesture of cleansing his feet with her tears and hair. Because of her sorrow and contrition for how she has been living and because of her deep love of Jesus, He immediately and openly forgives her.

For me this is the ideal manner in which we should approach the sacrament of reconciliation or confession. What is important is not the complete numeration of all that we've done wrong-- something we probably never fully grasp or are capable of apprehending, nor is it the exact recitation of the act of contrition.  Jesus simply wants to know if we're sorry for the evil or harm we have done, and that in doing this we have offended Him and have ignored or neglected His love for us.