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Weekend Reflections for 2/5/16

Jesus Calls My Name

When I hear my name, I look for the one who called me. It could be good news or bad news. A sophomore may hear her name on the afternoon announcements: "Stephanie Smith, please report to the principal's office for detention." Maybe it's just my turn at the DMV: "Number 77. Laramie, Joseph." Or perhaps an old friend spotted me from across the room. "Joe Laramie-is that you?!"

Jesus sees Peter and calls him by name. As we look upon Sunday's Gospel scene, we see that no one has ever looked at Peter in this way before. Jesus gazes on Peter with knowledge and love. Peter meets his gaze. "Put out into deep water, Peter," He says. This is a bold command. Peter is the professional fisherman and has caught nothing after a long night of work; the carpenter, Jesus, has spent years in his foster-father's shop-on land. Yet, something in Jesus' tone, his gaze compels Peter to take a chance: "Master, at your command-- I will." His tremendous catch proves that Jesus is no mere son of a carpenter-He is the Eternal Son and the Builder of the entire Universe.

"Depart from me," says Peter, "for I am a sinful man." No! We shout. Don't send Jesus away! He is the only one who can heal you! Let us hear these words, too. When Jesus calls my name, my reaction may be to run and hide, as I see His greatness and my weakness. Jesus calls my name and it is good news. I am not in detention. This is the old friend who has known me since I was only a tiny child in my mother's womb.  

In this Year of Mercy, let us hear the merciful Savior as he calls our names-one by one by one. The Eternal Word is kindly power, merciful strength, the Son of God and Son of Mary. Like Peter, drop everything and follow Him.

-Fr. Joe Laramie SJ




Upcoming Retreats With Space:

Men: March 10

Women: March 14, April 4

Coed: September 2-4

We have 2 Lent Days of Prayer coming up that have openings: Monday March 7th and Tuesday March 8th. 

Fr. Jim Blumeyer, S.J. will lead both events.  Three conferences will take place along with the chance for confession, mass and lunch.  Check in begins at 8:30am and the first talk will begin just after 9:00am.   The day will conclude around 2:15pm.  $25/person. These events will fill soon!  Call 314-416-6400 to register.