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Weekend Reflections for 11/14/14

At the Savior's command and formed by divine teaching, we dare to say: "Our Father..."

Why the word dare? As kids we used to dare others to do things that were daring, like jumping off a roof or drinking a nasty drink or eating a live goldfish. But what is so daring about saying "Our Father"?

A friend of mine once met Queen Elizabeth. Upon being introduced to her, he said: "I'm so pleased to meet you, Elizabeth." What could be more daring than that?" I'll tell you what: addressing God as Father! Do you want to get yourself zapped right out of existence?

The only saving grace to our addressing God as Father is precisely that: saving grace. After all, we were formed by divine teaching; Jesus himself told us to address God that way, the way Jesus Himself addresses God. I know it must sound very arrogant to a non-Christian to address God so boldly, but that is precisely what Jesus-and his Father, our Father-wants us to do.