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Weekend Reflections for 10/24/14

Our Father

 By Fr. Gene Renard, S.J.
God is our Creator.  God created us with the help of our mother and father and gave us life and our soul.  But God is more than our Creator.  God is truly Our Father.  He is the Father to every person who has ever lived, is alive or will live in the future.  God is our Father because he helps and supports us in this life with many gifts.  When we say: "Our Father," we join ourselves with those who pray to our heavenly Father.


We cannot see Our Heavenly Father with our human eyes.  But by faith we know he loves us always and is around us and inside us even if we are not aware of his presence.  We are surrounded with God's love always.  From his home in heaven, Our Father loves us, watches over us and inspires us as we need.  But he gives us freedom to make our own choices.


We pray: "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,"  Our Heavenly Father wants us to reflect his goodness and forgiveness by loving and forgiving our neighbor.  We struggle to reflect the Father's love and forgiveness on those who hurt us and cause us to sin.  With God's grace we can love and forgive.